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75. The Pastor Founder was asked at a meeting of the Board of Trustees held on Tuesday 22nd May 1979 at the International Headquarters, Celestial Church of Christ, Mission House, Ketu, Lagos State, Federal Republic of Nigeria, to give in greater detail how actually the various aspects of the Church’s worship were handed down together with the surrounding events. The Pastor Founder replied in the following paragraphs.

76. “A few days after my return to Porto Novo from my sojourn in the bush through AGANGE where, you will recall, KUDIHO was raised from the dead by our Lord Jesus Christ through me, word came from my elder sister (ELIZABETH OSHOFFA married to GUTON) that her only child and son, EMMANUEL MAWUNYON GUTON (who later became our Evangelist in Ivory Coast) had died. I was in my praying attire and I sent word that he was not dead. On my arrival, I found the dead body and I sent everybody out of the room. The idol worshippers, who had earlier been trying to revive him, hurriedly left the room and, as I touched him, Jesus raised him and he immediately received the gift of the Holy Spirit and became the first prophet in Celestial Church of Christ.

Injunction to Found a New Church

77. “During the first week in October,1947 and on the fifth day after I received the DIVINE ORDER on September 29, 1947, we were gathered together early in the morning when word came to me (I regularly heard voices and still do) that the DIVINE COMMISSION I was given was to found a new Church and that I should start it right there in my house. The first song given to us was (in Yoruba).

Enyin ara ‘nu Kristi d:s:s:m:l:s:-

E gbe orin soke d:m:s:-f:m:r.-..

Ke e si gbo ohun ti d:s:-ml:s:-d:

Jehovah n’so m:s:-f:m:r:-:-

Ere di re te fi wa s: d: d: t: 1: s: s:

Ninu Ijo Mimo yi? m:m:f:m:r:f:m:-:-

Ere di re t’e fl wa s: d: d: t: 1: s: s:

Ninu egbe nla yi? m:m:f:m:r:f:m:-:-

Ki Maria lya wa s:d:d:t:l:s:-

Le e wa a sin wa lo m:s:f:m:r:f:m:-:-

K’Eni mimo rere yi s:d:-t:l:s:-m:s:

Wa ma sin wa lo f:m:r:r:d:-:-

We all sang this song together early that morning.

Covenant with Christ

78. ‘Later the same day, in the evening, while I was alone in an inner room of my father’s house, I heard a voice (I still regularly hear the same voice until now) telling me to go and bring a short strip of wood.

I went out and cut a short length of wood from the first tree I saw. Being a carpenter, I planed it neatly and brought it inside. I was then instructed by the voice to put it down somewhere as He Christ wished to make a covenant with me and I was going to be betrothed as a bride of Christ. I then saw a hand which indicated the sign of the cross. I was instructed to use the cut stem of a leaf (fetched from outside) and purple ink to make the sign of the cross in remembrance of Christ. I was told: “THIS IS THE SYMBOL OF THE COVENANT BETWEEN YOU AND ME”. I dipped my finger thrice into the ink we used and was then asked to pray for the most wonderful and unfathomable power of the Holy Spirit. I slept late that night because of visits from heavenly visitors talking to me.

Heavenly Song of Praise

79. “Mawunyon, my elder sister’s only child, was directed by the Holy Spirit from his father’s house about a mile away to my house. He arrived singing a song (in an unknown language) which we seem to have forgotten lately:

‘Yah rih gorimah s:l:d:d:d:-

Yah rih goriyeh S:I:m:m:m:-

Ngo yeh d:r:s:-:-:-

Yah rih yah r:m:d:-:-:-

at the same time translating it into Egun (a major language of the Republic of Benin).

‘Mi pa oku na

Won di pa emi

0 ji re lo

Ko soso’;

in Yoruba,

‘E yin Oluwa

Enyin omo ogun


Na tide

Translated into English, it reads:

O Praise ye the Lord

All ye heavenly hosts

The great hour

Is at hand’.

He sang this song kneeling down.

Injunction About Holy Communion in New Church

80. “It was also Mawunyon who that same night gave us an injunction that we should not use wine for Holy Communion but rather a mixture of

(a) pineapple

(b) oranges and

(c) coconut milk.

He did a lot of work by way of spiritual messages that night.

Injunctions About Candleholder

81. “Mawunyon it was who gave the injunction that we should worship with seven candles and also took a piece of wood and drew out the shape of the candle holder. In this connection, he also gave us a Powerful song which we seem to have also forgotten lately.

Awon agba tan fitila meje

Wa gbadura wa, etc.

Injunctions About Pajaspa – Collection Pouch

‘Mawunyon it was who also gave us a description of what we should use for collection at services and named it PAJASPA – a metal ringed Pouch with a handle and a socket for a candle which should be lit during collection.

Injunctions About Call to Worship

83. “Mawunyon it was who indicated how in heaven a pot of incense was being swung accompanied by the following song:

‘Yah Rah Sah Rah

Yah Rah Sah Mattah)

Yah Rah Sah Rah

Yah Rah Sah Mattah

and translated into Yoruba

E tan fitila

Mimo latorun wa’

Etan Fitila

Mimo Latorun wa

He also that same night gave us that this song should be followed by:

‘Yah Rah Mah

Hi Yah Rah Mah

Yah Rah Mah

Yah Man Yah Rah Mah!.

translated into Yoruba:

‘Wa ka. lo

Sodo Oluwa

Wa ka lo

Sodo Oluwa’

But he said that, before singing this last one, we should build a box which we should call MATTAH. At the bottom should be kept the cross and stick which is the symbol of Christ’s covenant with me topped by candles for use at the altar. Having thus removed our shoes, worn our white sutana or tunic, taken the candles one by one from Mattah (thus becoming candles used in heaven above) and having lit them in Position, we should wholeheartedly sing above song and ring the bell to worship (this came much later) and draw near to God forgetting all about this world, kneeling on our knees and our forehead touching the floor in obeisance to Almighty God and in readiness to commune with Him. Mawunyon did not leave that night until about 2.00 am.

Christ Himself Administers Holy Communion to Me

84. “Soon after that night, I was in a trance (1 was wide awake) with my eyes closed. I saw. myself climbing steps in-space towards the sky until I got to the top where I saw a table top suspended. I knelt on one side of it while on the other side standing was my Lord and Master, my Creator. He gave me Holy Communion – I ate and drank from His hand. Then, all of a sudden, the table top dipped and I realised for the first time that below me was bottomless space. As I exclaimed in fear, I grew wings which I used to navigate my descent.

The following morning, before I had a chance to relate this incident, a woman told me that on her way from the toilet the previous night, she suddenly saw me with wings while my eyes and body were fiery. She ran shutting the door only to see me again in similar fashion and she then ran to bed and covered herself in fear wondering that I was surely not yet dead. I replied by telling her the story of the incident of the previous night. She died within three months of seeing me like that.

Injunctions About Ringing the Bell to Worship

85. “This came through me seven years after the birth of the Church. You will remember., Supreme Evangelist Bada, that when 1 related this incident to the congregation at Makoko, I held a Bible in my hand as witness. I was in a trance and saw in space a house without solid walls or roof, but a house nonetheless. Some were on the upper floor and we were on the lower floor, both floors not being solid but suspended in space and real nonetheless. As a bell ring three times, both those on the upper floor and we on the lower floor knelt down touching our forehead to the floor and said in Yoruba

‘Mimo, mimo, mimo si Oluwa awon omo ogun’

meaning (in English)

‘Holy, Holy, Holy to the Lord God of Hosts’.

The bell ringing three times and our response was done three times. It was after this that we started the service in my trance. This is how it formed part of our service of worship in Celestial Church of Christ.

Injunctions About Praises Facing the Four Corners of the Earth

86. “This came through JOSEPH AWANGONU, Baba Martha. He said that he saw a Church without walls or roof but apparently with four entrances in the four cardinal directions, and as a bell rang, he saw people of all races running into the Church from the four corners of the earth. As they ran, they were singing (in Yoruba):

‘E yin Jesu, E yin Jesu s:-:-s:l:s:m:d:d:-:-:-1:-:-:-

Fun ‘jo kehin to sokale

Enyin Jesu, E yin Jesu’

Fun ‘jo kehin to sokale

Enyin Jesu, E yin Jesu

Fun ‘jo kehin to sokale

Enyin Jesu,eyin Jesu s:-:-s:I:s:m:

Fun ‘jo kehin to sokale s’.-d:m:r:d:t:d.-.-.-.-

The more the multitudes, the more room the Church seemed to have.

Songs of Entreaty for God’s Power and Glory

87. “The following song came as I was travelling on a boat in mid-sea from IGBESU to the spot where I prayed onto God and the tree I had specifically come to destroy burnt for seven days and seven nights. As my boat was about to land, I heard a song which it appeared I was singing with others (unknown and unseen) as follows (Yoruba):

‘Baba a a

Ni wakati yi

Gbe ise owo o re e ga a a

Ki gbogbo a’iy’e le’ mo

Ni ‘re lo I ran mi nise

Lasan a a I’aiye ngbe ogun

Wakati na de t’aiye o wa riri

L’abe agbara Mimo Jesu’.

It is a powerful song which should not be sung lightly.

Injunctions for Monthly Watchnight (New Moon) Service

88. During a service in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ’s prayer at Gethsemane shortly before his death, we were told that the following song, which came again through MAWUNYION, was the song which our Lord actually sang Kneeling and with forehead touching the ground at Gethsemane when he besought his disciples to watch while he prayed (in the song, he seeks to draw them into his prayer of worship of the Lord God unaware that they has fallen asleep):

‘Yah Gol Lah Mari Yah Nga Rih Yeh

Ya Gol Lah Mari Yeh’

Translated immediately (Yoruba)

‘e foribale fun Oba Oluwa

Mo foribale fun’

meaning in English:

Bow ye before the Lord God

I bow myself before him’.’

That was Jesus speaking. This was the only song Jesus-sang in the Garden of Gethsemane that night. As he sang and prayed intently, he sweated so much that the drops of sweat began to fall from his body like blood and a voice answered our Lord Jesus on that occasion thus ‘I have, glorified you on earth and in Heaven’. We sing this song in Celestial Church of Christ during the monthly watch night services (on the first Thursday night/Friday morning of each month) in remembrance of the occasion and also during Easter at the watch night service of Holy Communion on Holy Thursday/Good Friday

”Another song used on the same occasion and which came at another time was:

Hi Ram Jah Mah

Jari Barn

Hi Ram Jah Mah

Translated immediately (Yoruba) so that we can understand the song we are being taught:

Emi Mimo

Adaba Orun

E sokale wa’.