My beloved in Christ,

Honorable Elders,

For some time now, the COVID 19 pandemic has imposed demands on the whole world and a new way of life. In these particularly difficult times for our nations and the entire planet, I want to reassure you that Eternal God in whom we believe, God of the Prophet Pastor Founder Samuel Bilehou Joseph OSCHOFFA, will not abandon us!

Be further encouraged and strengthened in the Lord and that whatever is the object of your faith in God, in no way be shaken by the situation of the moment. It is indeed in these particularly trying moments that we must manifest, even more, our attachment to our GOD, Creator of heaven and earth, whose manifest power has been demonstrated through the ages from Adam to the present day.

Consequently, the Church should rise more than ever in prayer and maintain the link with the Christian faith through weekly and daily teachings, while respecting the framework of the measures published by our authorities. Now is the time to take advantage of the use of technique and technology to mark a sustained presence, which encourages our brothers and sisters in the daily practice of prayer and meditation on the Holy Scriptures. This task falls particularly to the Heads of Dioceses, Regions, Districts, Parishes, Women Councils and Movements dedicated to youth. Share the Gospel for a full action of the Holy Spirit in the world so that by his strength we do not give up in the face of the difficulties we encounter.

So here we are at the edge of the Pasquale celebration. Our Christian faith takes on its full meaning with Easter, the victory of our Lord Jesus over death. Easter in our Church brings together many very important ceremonies, Easter week. Are we facing a test of faith? Far from there. Faith does not veil our intelligence and the spirit of knowing things from above.

Allow me in advance to salute the coordinated actions of the United Nations, world leaders, all State authorities, as well as national and international Health Organizations, which are multiplying initiatives to find effective solutions to eradicate the current COVID-19 pandemic. May the God of the Holy Church come from heaven in his immense love inspire them more in knowledge and intelligence in the name of our Lord and Savior JESUS-CHRIST.

I would like to renew my consideration to the Parish Officers and their watch and prayer team for the constant maintenance of the spiritual flame in the Parishes. I want to express my compassion to all the confining families who are going through difficult times. May the Lord protect you and make love grow in your families.

I also renew my deep attachment to strict compliance with the daily barrier gestures recalled by our governments, to limit the spread of the virus in our respective environments. It is a must that Celestians around the world can apply them. I am fundamentally respectful of these orders. Let none of you be treated as an offender with undoubtedly a lot of consequences for our community and your families.

Humanity needs our light. I know I can count on you. Incidentally, I invite all Celestians around the world to fast, to prayer and to deep meditation to invoke the God of all creation the Lord JESUS CHRIST to rid all of humanity of this pandemic of COVID- 19.

Remain in peace under the protection of Almighty God, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

His Eminence, Reverend E.M.F Bilehou Oshoffa,
The Pastor, Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

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