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The Pastor, Rev. EMF Oshoffa has frown at a wrong representation of him online which is being shared in the social media spheres. We totally condemn this act and disassociate the Pastor’s Office from the representation. We also plead with our members to desist from such misrepresentations. We would like to state categorically that he has never worn Black or Red apparel inline with the doctrine of the church. Also, he has never posed for a Christmas greetings picture for anybody, there is a dedicated team for this who are authorized to represent the Pastor graphically through authorized channels.

This graphic mutilation is a direct insult on the sit of power and the church as a whole. In whatever light it is viewed from, the noble motive behind such act is lost when the Pastor’s face was photo-shopped onto a Red apparel wearing individual. This is highly inappropriate.

Lets kindly cultivate a positive and healthy attitude of visiting the authorized channels for information about the Pastor and the church and not be an accomplice in actions that inhibits the capacity of the church to carry out its God given mission of evangelizing to the world. A negative image never works well with evangelizing the gospel of Christ Jesus. His monthly messages, pictures and videos are always available online through the following mediums:


You can also email us to request for any of his pictures or videos through the following email:

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