It has come to the notice of the church authorities on a purported spiritual message for members being shared on social media. We wish to disclaim such message in all its entirety on the grounds of it not been endorsed by the church authorities. It is expected that the message should be inline with our doctrine which mandates a message should be vetted and signed by the shepherd of a parish before it is recognize.

In view of this, if there is a message for Celestial Church of Christ as a whole, it needs the endorsement of the Pastor, Rev. EMF Oshoffa. This supposed message should have been vetted by the church authorities before been shared.

The office of the Pastor is open to the general public to interact with, and we want to assure the general public that there is no hindrance for any message getting to the Pastor as incoming correspondence are duly registered and traceable in the new system.

We implore the messenger who delivered the spiritual message to kindly appear before the church authorities within a week from now for vetting of the message if confirmed to be true by the church authorities. Failure to appear would obviously qualify the message as a fake.

We would also want to encourage our members to kindly follow due process in their dealings concerning matters relating to the church. Listed are the available channels through which the church authorities can be reached and please, kindly note that any message not traceable to the listed channels are not endorsed by the church authorities.

Website: www.cccworldwide.church
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cccworldwideofficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/cccworldwideofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cccworldwideorg
Youtube: www.youtube.com/thecelestialchurch
Email: info@cccworldwide.church

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