Reference Text

Luke 14:10 (NLT)

Instead, take the lowest place at the foot of the table. Then when your host sees you, he will come and say, ‘Friend, we have a better place for you!’ Then you will be honored in front of all the other guests

Reference Hymn

CCC Hymn 773 stanza 2

Let us be ready in one voice
Celestial church is one
Eschew all arrogance and pride
Avoid all misunderstandings
Let us respect one another
Respect of holiness

We live in a world where people want to be known. While some seek more positions and title, others go to any length to accomplish this mission. However, today text is drawing our attention to the words of our Lord Jesus Christ of what a man can do to be take the place of honour. Although it looks like the unpopular way, our Lord Jesus Christ submit clearly that when a man attends a function, he should not go to the highest place (the high table) on his own instinct but instead takes the foot of the table. This seems unrealistic to someone who purposely purchase a new cloth or a new shoe to attend a function. What this simply means that for anyone who desires to be honored, he must ensure not to do this by himself as it is only the Almighty God who can promotes a man. The scriptures in diverse places confirmed this:

Psalm 75:7 (NLT)

It is God alone who judges; he decides who will rise and who will fall

1 Samuel 2:8 (NLT)

He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor.” For the foundations of the earth are the LORD’s; on them he has set the world

Do you therefore seek promotion or exalted place? You need to go to the Lord as He is the only way for you to get to that exalted place that you desire. What today’s message is clamoring for is a life of humility which is the password to upliftment. May God endow you with this spirit in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Remember also that no matter the height you get to, you must remain humble and not be proud in your own eyes. May God help you in this regard in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Hear the fate of the humble.

James 4:6 (NLT)

But he gives us even more grace to stand against such evil desires. As the Scriptures say, “God opposes the proud but favors the humble.


In the light of today’s study, what are the benefits of humility?

Further readings:

1 Samuel 2:8; Psalm 75:7; James 4:6

Prayer point:

Oh Lord, now I am fully aware that promotion and upliftment comes from you. Help me to remain forever humble in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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