1. The Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) has one major obstacle which is seriously militating against its advancement spiritually and temporally. The obstacle is the misuse of excessive blessing given by God Almighty to the CCC severally and collectively. For instance, there is no parish of the CCC that is not a depository to specialists and experts in various strategic professions. In other words, knowledge so abounds in the CCC to the extent that it is now conflicting with one another, especially at the epistemological level.

2. Even though former President Fidel Castro of Cuba believes that ideas do not generate crises, but crises are what generate ideas, we hold the strong view that ideas can conveniently generate crises and vice versa. When crises arise, the need for a solution cannot but warrant fresh thinking and ideas to address them. In the same vein, when ideas, especially those that are not conventional, emerge from untruths, a situation of an ideological order cannot but also be conflicted with another ideological counter order, both of which can lead to an encounter and ultimately to an ideological disorder. The current situational reality in the CCC lends much credence to this observation. This should not be so under normal circumstances.

3. Partly thanks to the unlimited and uncontrolled access to social media, specialised and expert knowledge are being used to run down the CCC. Reckless misinformation about the CCC has become the order of the day. The integrity of the principal collaborators of the Pastor and even that of His Eminence, the Pastor, and Head of the CCC worldwide, Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa, has been indecently talked about and posted on the social media in a manner that is incompatible with the Christian life. And true enough again, many members of the CCC are now wrapped up, not in the Glory of God, but in that of the social media, to propagate untruths and societal ills, all of which have continued to taint the good image of the CCC worldwide. This is most unfortunate.

4. In this regard, it is not that the Management of the CCC is unaware of the recidivist character assassination of some leaders of the CCC and the continued bastardisation of the image of the whole Church. The Management simply does not believe in fighting evil with evil. The Board of Trustees (BOT), as chaired by His Eminence, Reverend Mobiyina Oshoffa, is not a proponent of evil for evil. It has higher values. Even though many believe that silence is the best answer to a fool. The leaders of the CCC do not belong to this school of thought. The propagators of untruths simply lack knowledge of what they are propagating and therefore needed to be given the patience to learn and change for the better. In other words, the leaders of the Church only insist on tolerance of one another.

5. However, this tolerance and waiting patiently for better days to come should not be taken for granted, especially, if some members consciously fabricate white lies in all forms of messages in order to destroy. These messages are very defamatory and prosecutable in the law court, but for which efforts are being made to prevent. In fact, the attitudinal disposition of the leaders of the CCC has wrongly been misconstrued as an expression of inability, incapacity, incapability, and cluelessness in the conduct and management of the affairs of the CCC. This is why it has become necessary to issue this statement to lay the foundation for truth-telling and to inform that any future act of misinformation in the Church will be given its appropriate sanctions.

6. Additionally, in light of the new legal provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020 on religious organisations, the attention of all parishes of the CCC worldwide is hereby drawn to the policy response to it and to the reiteration of some existing rules of the CCC. The new policy directives of His Eminence, Reverend Mobiyina Oshoffa, are hereafter underscored for your information, re-emphasis, and general compliance:

6.1 the Celestial Church of Christ is one Church, an indivisible Church, under One God, and under One Shepherd. In this regard, His Eminence, Reverend Mobiyina Oshoffa as the Shepherd of the CCC worldwide, requests that more efforts be taken by everyone to ensure the unity of the CCC by not engaging in any act of untruth;

6.2 the regulations of the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering (SCUML) necessarily hold the Board of Trustees of the CCC directly responsible for any act of misdemeanour of any parish of the Church, and particularly in the context of money laundering and other financial malpractices by any member. Consequently, under no circumstance should any parish or its member engage in money laundering. The CCC has zero-tolerance for any act of financial malpractice;

6.3 it is important to note, in this regard, that only the Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa-led CCC has been officially and duly registered by the Government of Nigeria, and also duly given a Certificate of Registration Number RN: SC251400083 of 8th February 2013 for the Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide. Consequently, all CCC parishes, especially those governed by the Nigerian Law, are urgently advised to take necessary steps to register
with the Office of Pastor Mobiyina Oshoffa for fresh identification, recognition, and certification purposes;

6.4 in the same vein, the conduct, and management of CCC affairs, in every parish, should, as usual, be guided by more transparency, accountability, and objectivity of purpose at all levels of decision-making: Parochial Committees, etc, for the purposes of the new regulations of the CAMA, which, in its Section 839, empowers the Corporate Affairs Commission to sack any Board of Trustees of a Church or a Mosque or any Civil Society
Organisation on grounds of fraud, or bad governance-driven petitions by their members;

6.5 the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) of which the CCC is a bonafide member, has complained about the inclusion of religious bodies in the CAMA. Pending the final determination of the complaint, there will be need for everyone to live within the obligations created by the new CAMA regulations because the law has been assented to by President Muhammadu Buhari;

6.6 henceforth, publishing or posting of any information on any policy decision of the CCC in the social or electronic and print media must be duly authorised. Many have been the reports so far published and which have libellous and defamatory character. An organogram of press relations committees in the various provincial headquarters of the CCC worldwide is in the making. Everyone will soon be duly informed;

6.7 the logo of the CCC is being used indiscriminately, not only for private businesses but also in many criminal ways. This should no longer be. The use of the CCC logo must, henceforth, receive the prior approval of the Management of the CCC, without which offenders may be subject to prosecution. Only the Management of CCC or whoever it has given a documented approval signed by the Pastor has the right to use the logo. In the same vein, only the Management of CCC has a right to attach ‘’worldwide’’ with its publications.

6.8 this special notice is prompted by the need to bring orderliness, contain the spread of untruths, particularly, rumour mongering, respect for constituted authority, and achievement of the mandate of the CCC as the last Boat of Salvation within the framework of the rule of law.

6.9 all the outstanding centrifugal issues that are of major concern to everyone in the CCC are to be looked into in an extraordinary meeting to be convened by His Eminence, the Pastor when he returns from his foreign trip.

7. Above all, without any whiff of arrogance, and in the hope that tomorrow will, sooner than later, provide greater opportunity to learn new things and then change humanity for the better, His Eminence has instructed that all true Celestians should now and, henceforth, put on a new toga of good neighbourliness, brotherliness and Christian love for one another. As Christians, we should be self- and mutually-forgiving because better days are still coming.

8. With the assurances of Divine Blessings, please note.

for: His Eminence,
Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina F. Bilehou Oshoffa,
The Pastor, Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

Sup. Ev. Bola A. Akinterinwa, (Prof.) PhD Sorbonne,
Secretary to the Board of Trustees, and
Director of Public Relations, Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

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