Considering the Holy Bible, Considering CCC Constitution, Considering Sections 4, 5, 108 and 188 CCC Constitution bearing role, constitutional attributions and spiritual authority of the Pastor of CCC Worldwide, Considering the subsequent texts, Considering the situation of public danger due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Having regard to the decisions of the various governments and international organizations throughout the world, Having regard to recent Pastoral Directives, Considering Section 142 relating to regulative procedures,


Section 1: Respect by all Celestians of the published government, hygiene and health security instructions.

Section 2: The cancellation of all Services and mass ceremonies in the Holy Land of Imeko. The Easter week will be performed by the watch team; Consequently, the Celestial City of Imeko does not receive any audience.

Section 3: To the Heads of Diocese, representing the Pastor in their jurisdiction, according to the regulations in force in their respective countries are to ensure the continuity of the sacrosanct services if it does not conflict with their government directives. The watch team, including the Shepherd-in-Charge, is the default solution for all mass Services and ceremonies, from Palm Sunday to Galilee.

Section 4: The 7 days of fasting in Easter week will be observed by all Celestians. Fasting begins at midnight and ends at 6 p.m. (for the strongest); and from midnight to 1 p.m. (for women and the less robust). Children, people on medical treatment, the sick, unclean or pregnant women do not observe fasting but must remain firmly in prayer. Easter must be observed by worshipers at home by respecting confinement.

Section 5: Pray for:
1- Repentance, the forgiveness of sins, mercy, sanctification, total eradication of the current pandemic, peace, and fear of the Lord God.
2- Pray for Humanity, Doctors, Researchers, Medical Corps and Governments, so that the Kingdom of the Eternal God will be manifested in the name of Christ.
3- Pray for the Celestial Church of Christ and all the worshipers of the Eternal God of Hosts.

Section 6: The Heads of Dioceses, the Chairmen of General Committees and the Parochial Committee in this respect, will ensure that nothing is lacking for the Shepherd-in-Charges and the watch teams in confinement in the Parishes.

Section 7: For marriage ceremonies, the Naming Ceremonies, burial ceremonies, etc … refer to the Head of the Diocese.

Section 8: This Ordinance takes effect from the date of publication and will be disseminated in all dioceses and all parishes, to serve and assert what is right.

May the Eternal God of Hosts exercise mercy on all Humanity, in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

His Eminence, Reverend E.M.F Bilehou Oshoffa,
The Pastor, Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

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