Reference Text

1Kings 18:46 (NLT):

Then the LORD gave special strength to Elijah. He tucked his cloak into his belt and ran ahead of Ahab’s chariot all the way to the entrance of Jezreel

Reference Hymn

CCC Hymn 257:

Jehovah the powerful
The powerful, the Holy One
Jehovah, the powerful
The powerful, the Holy One
The Holy one and most glorious king
Please give unto us thy power of Holy Spirit (2x)
Today to magnify the most blessed glory

As we journey in life, one of the indispensable need that would help us to be all that has been said concerning us is strength. This is because, we will at one point or the other be confronted with unavoidable challenges which will require strength for us to pull through. Amen. Today’s text captured the incident whereby God gave Elijah special strength to the extent that he outran Ahab’s chariot all the way to the entrance of Jezreel. Amen. What this implies is that when a man receives special strength, he begins to do what ordinarily should he should not attempt. This is a realm where every believer must aspire to get if he is to fulfil destiny.

Apostle Paul had a perfect understanding of this when he submitted that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him. Beloved, what is that mandate that you think that it is impossible to achieve or that vision that looks unrealistic to people? All that is required for you is to ask for the special strength from the source of inexhaustible strength. May you be a recipient of this strength in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Certain Biblical characters operated in this realm. Samson for instance with a jaw bone of an ass killed 1000 men; Gideon also whose hand became the hand of God attacked the Midianite. Who could also believe that Apostle Paul who was once any enemy of Christ could write by divine inspiration two-third of the New Testament? Surely with God, all things are possible. Amen.


What are some of the benefits of receiving special strength?

Further readings:

Exodus 7:1, Genesis 41:14-16, Judges 6:14-16

Prayer point:

Oh Lord, now I know that with your special strength, I can do the unimaginable, endow me with this strength in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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