Celestial Church of Christ Constitution Drafting/Unification Committee

The Celestial Church of Christ Constitution Drafting/Unification Committee now has an official site: http://www.cccunification.org, the committee requests for memoranda from interested individuals, groups and opinion leaders which can be submitted through the site.

The Committee enjoined interested members to forward their memoranda on the modalities for achieving a sustainable unification of the Church.

The Celestial Church of Christ Constitution Drafting/Unification Committee was jointly constituted and inaugurated on 20th of July, 2010 by the seven eminent elders of the church namely: Reverend P.S. Maforikan, Reverend S.E. Orovboni, Reverend E.F. Oshoffa, Superior Evangelist S.O. Banjo, Most Superior Evangelist T.E. Oshin, Superior Evangelist E.N Zanu and Most Superior Evangelist M.O. Are following their collective resolve to have a virile, united, indivisible and spirit filled Celestial Church of Christ in their life time and bequeath same to generations yet unborn. The seven eminent elders pledged their avowed determination to jointly seek for a lasting solution to myriads of challenges presently threatening the last boat of salvation destined to cleanse the world.

The committee was mandated to take a detailed look and conduct a spiritual scrutiny on the church with the aim of identifying those factors militating against the unity and peaceful co-existence among the leadership and members and proffer strategies for overcoming such challenges.

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  • paul olufemi oladunjoye

    says on:
    October 18, 2015 at 5:35 am

    This is a welcome development but how soon will all these issues resolve. if those elder can ressolve the issue it will be better for them just because of the heaven. The church is great church we don’t have to destroy the work of Almighty God. God will touch their minds in order to actualize their genuine course.

  • Emanuel l gael

    says on:
    November 3, 2015 at 8:31 am

    aleluia e bom isto que pensamos continua fazer tais coisas para o bem da igreja mas se for para o bem de cada um deste os lider em vao sera amem

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