Reference Text

Psalm 106:10 (NLT)

So he rescued them from their enemies and redeemed them from their foes

Reference Hymn

CCC Hymn 880 stanza 1

O ye barren weep no more
I have brought forth thy blessings
Do not let Satan take these
Thy grace satisfies me

In one of our previous studies, we explained to some extent what happens when God fights for a man. In that study, it was established that God will bring to an end the existence of the lineage. This first all informs us that we should not for any reason be an enemy to God’s people. Aside from God fighting the enemy of His beloved ones, we read that God when He fights, He also redeems His chosen ones from their foes. What this means is that He liberates his chosen ones completely, that the enemies will no longer have grip over them. The English Standard Version of the Bible puts it clearer:

Psalm 106:10 (ESV)

So he saved them from the hand of the foe and redeemed them from the power of the enemy

This also implies that He removes every bad experience and memory they might have had just like He did to the Israelites. Remember that He makes everything new. May this be your portion in Jesus’ Name. Amen. After redeeming, he brings the person into His own kingdom as joint heirs with Christ having and enjoying all rights and privileges. May you have this experience in Jesus’ Name. Amen. May you be set loose this season from every bondage you may be in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


When God fights for a man, He wipes away the sorrow of the person and removes the shames that was known with him. Explain this!

Further readings:

Psalm 30:5; Isaiah 54:4; Luke 1:25

Prayer point:

Oh Jehovah, now I know that aside from fighting those who fight me, you also redeem me in the process, deliver me from every operation that I may be facing at the moment in Jesus’ Name. Amen

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