156. The overall machinery for the Government of Celestial Church of Christ, Nigeria Diocese, and for the direction of its affairs shall be vested in the Pastor-in-Council (hereafter referred to as “Council”) which is under the ultimate authority of the Pastor.


158. The Pastor-in-Council, under the Pastor’s authority and constituted in accordance with this Constitution, shall have the final directive on all Church matters relating to the Diocese, including:

(i) Custodianship of the Constitution of Celestial Church of Christ, Nigeria Diocese;

(ii) Amendment and Interpretation of the Constitution of the Church and ensuring its implementation and observation;

(iii) Custodianship of Church Laws and Rules;

(iv) Maintenance and Interpretation of Church Doctrine;

(v) Maintenance of Discipline;

(vi.) Publication of Gospel Diary, Almanacs, Hymn Books Calendars, Church Periodicals and all other Church Literature.