It is ordained by the Holy Spirit that:

Members of Celestial Church of Christ are forbidden to engage or participate in any form of idolatory, fetish ceremony or cults, black magic and charms;
Cigarette or tobacco smoking or snuffing or any type of weed smoking or snuffing is forbidden to members of the Celestial Church of Christ;
Consumption of any form of alcohol, wine or any strong drink that can intoxicate is forbidden to members of Celestial Church of Christ as the odour of all these – cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, etc. – are repugnant to the presence of the Holy Spirit;
Consumption of pork or any food offered as sacrifice to idols or other powers of darkness is forbidden to members of Celestial Church of Christ;
Members are forbidden to wear apparels made of black or red materials except for professional reasons;
Members should not wear shoes when wearing their sutana or within the premises of the Church;
Male and female members are forbidden to sit together side by side within the Church and its premises;
Fmale members during menstruation are not allowed to come within the precincts of the Church until after their sanctification after seven clear days; and where the menstruation extends beyond seven days, two clear days should be allowed for after stoppage before sanctification;
Female members are forbidden from entering the altar area or leading the congregation in worship;
In Celestial Church of Christ, only white candles are to be used. Coloured candles are strictly forbidden;
Fornication and adultery are forbidden in the Celestial Church of Christ;
Holy is the Celestial Church of Christ and all who worship in her should endeavour to be clean in body and in soul…